Powder Engineering Towards Sustainable Metal Additive Manufacturing

The Company

With a key-focus on powder processing methodologies and 3d printing, wire-based Direct Energy Deposition and Laser Powder Bed Fusion, CONIFY is committed to deliver reliable, robust, repeatable and cost-effective Additive Manufacturing processes. We bring together material research, state of the art powder proce- ssing facilities and hands-on AM process development. Our unique expertise stems from a multidisciplinary group of Metallurgists, Mechanical and Material Engineers aimed to support customers to adopt AM in their business with process development and feasibility studies, proof-of-concept methodologies as well as higher TRL demo activities.

Our Mission

CONIFY links material, design, manufacturing, product and end-of-life in a continuous, sustainable loop and intends to be part of the solutions shaping an eco-friendlier and circular future. Our engineering services and pioneering technologies aim to bring AM to its full potential to ensure its wider adoption and smooth integration in existing production schemes. Starting from the feedstock material, we focus on quality, meticulous attention to details and thorough characterization, as well as material verification methods both for virgin and refurbished powder feedstock materials. Our strategy is focused on our unique ‘earmarking’ process with which we are able to detect hidden powder characteristics playing a decisive role to the final part quality. This enables the development of individual material-process parameters pairs for high-density, defect-free additively manufactured parts.

Metal AM powder feedstock
Screening & Specification

  • Clear traceability and digital documentation to avoid the high cost of failed parts affected by feedstock quality inconsistencies.
  • Identification of hidden relationships between
    powder characteristics/ process and part perfor-
  • Fast process optimization for reliable, repeatable and flexible.

Chemical composition & Purity
O, N, H, C, S elemental analysis

(Combustion/Inert Gas Fusion)

Tap density & Flowability testing

Shape & Size Analyzis
Sieve analysis and particle size distribution.
Particle shape and morphology imaging, Powder cross-section/porosity imaging (micro-CT) . Quantitative Particle size analysis through static image analysis method (automated optical microscopy)