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Modular Moulds by Metal AM: Repurposing of existing injection molding lines in response to pandemic outbreaks and emergency situations

Restructuring production, as an emergency response mechanism, does not only help companies to protect their own workforce and serve the community as a whole. The transformation helps to keep production lines active in times of low demand, generate moderate revenues and to enable full economic sustainability of the production systems and innovative re-use of existing equipment. We have already demonstrated an in-house developed fast-track process for modular mould development & mould repurposing enabled by Additive Manufacturing. Their interchangeable cavity plates allow for rapid change of production towards different consumables in need.

The innovative idea involves the utilization of DED technology for direct mould repurposing, in combination with a hybrid CNC machining approach to form cavities and subsequently selectively deposit material to ensure fitting of modular cavity inserts.