Laser Metal Deposition


Meltio M450
  • 6 laser deposition head (1.2 kW)
  • Wire-based technology
    (1 or 2 wire materials)
  • Print envelope of 150x200x450 mm
  • All-in-one additive manufacturing
    solution for repairing parts, laser cladding,
    laser welding (autogenous and with filler)
  • Materials: SS 316L, SS420, 2205 duplex SS, 2507
    super duplex SS, Ti64 (additional upon request)

Technical Details

Process Control:
Closed – loop, laser,
wire and powder

Wire Feedstock:
0.8-1.2mm wire

Wire Feeds:
up to 2 x K300


Print Envelope (X*Y*Z):
150 x 170 x 425mm

Laser Power:
600W to 1.2 KW

Number of lasers:
6x200W direct
diode lasers

Laser Beams:
3+ Units

Laser Wavelength:

Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Intech SF1
  • Yb -Fibre Laser, 500W, laser focus
    diameter can be factory configured
    to 40 um for fine features
  • Circular build plate
    with a diameter of 150mm x 180mm
  • Scan speed 8 m/s
  • Wide range of materials:
    Aluminium, Cobalt Chrome, Stainless steel,
    Maraging steel, Titanium and Inconel

Technical Details

High built rate and cost-effective manufacturing:
Powerful single laser (500W) for increased layer
thickness, greater throughput and wide range of alloys
Large built size:
150 x 180 mm for increased
productivity and reduced cost per part
Wide range of materials and established parameters:
Aluminium, Cobalt Chrome, Stainless steel, Maraging steel,
Titanium and Inconel alloys are available.
Additional parameters can be made available on request.
Optimized process parameters and build preparation :
Combined with 2 software for optimum parameters
according to the desired part density, surface finish,
mechanical characteristics. Auto orientation, distortion
control and smart support design.