Our Approach

Shaping Innovations for a Sustainable Future

Metal Powder Characterization,
Specification & Re-Use Methodologies

Extensive investment on state-of-the-art equipment
Material analytics and digitised materials’ database
‘Earmarking’ process on all steps of powder handling
Tailored powder refurbishment and up-cycling protocols
Assessment of economical and technical impact

Application & Alloy Development

Printability & Feasibility studies: process development and optimization and repeatability
Assignment of process parameters for custom alloy powders to improve build microstructure and performance
On-site support for custom material validation

Manufacturing And Engineering Services

On-demand part production and repair
Assessment of customer part key-aspects; functionality & geometrical features
Selection of appropriate AM technology and initial workflow
Support with part re-design for prototyping
Support in post-processing phase and prototype properties’ evaluation