Powder Recycling & Reuse

Shaping Innovations for a Sustainable Future

How much can you recycle your metal additive manufacturing powder feedstock?

Powder recovery is a very important step for ensuring process sustainability along the entire life cycle of the product.
Controlling and understanding the quality of the powder, both in its as-supplied or reused condition, is essential in order to achieve the desired mechanical properties of the laser melted/ sintered components and to keep the same performance of the final designed product.
We provide recycling tools and methods to optimize powder recovery, reuse, and recycling technologies for different materials and MAM processes towards a greener Metal Additive Manufacturing supply chain.

To raise the sustainability performance of MAM technologies, CONIFY introduces methods and tools to assess the level powder degradation and extend the life cycle of powder production and uses. Qualified techniques are employed to recondition out-of-spec powders and bring them back into the AM ecosystem.

Understanding Powder Degradation & Increasing Reusability

Re-use of Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing Processes

Improved circularity and PSD
Contamination and oxides removed
No satellites agglomerates and fused particles
30% -80% cost saving in comparison to commercial gas atomized powders