Dr. Evangelia Karaxi
Managing Director at Conify

Evangelia is Mining and Metallurgical Engineer, with MSc in Materials Science and Engineering.

Her PhD thesis was focused on the development and characterization of anti-corrosion coatings based on hybrid core-shell sub-micron materials with self-responsive functionalities. Her work experience is related with European and National research projects related with the development of advanced nanomaterials and the characterization of the corresponding composite materials and structures, with technical/scientific and managerial liabilities. Part of her research work has been presented in international and national conferences through 18 oral presentations.

Dr. Leonidas Gargalis
Metal Additive Manufacturing Research Engineer

Leonidas is an Additive Manufacturing (AM) metals research engineer with experience in laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) process and metallurgy.

Leonidas holds a Master Degree in Production and Management Engineering and a Master of Science in Space Studies. He acquired his PhD in 2021 from the Centre for Additive Manufacturing (CfAM) at the University of Nottingham, UK. Leonidas specialises in material science of functional magnetic materials and highly conductive metals such as copper, processed via LPBF.

He has more than 5 years of experience in AM with various metals and alloys and his understanding of powder metallurgy as well as material vs laser interaction brings a new perspective in metals process development and optimisation. His versatile background enables him to deliver complex innovative projects with his extensive knowledge of novel materials and technologies. Leonidas enjoys being able to provide state of the art, high quality metal products for a variety of industries while being involved in the product lifecycle from concept ideas to end applications. His research work has been published in several journals and conferences.

Dr. Stavros Deligiannis
Metallurgy Specialist

Stavros holds an MEng Diploma in Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, specializing in Materials Science and Technology.

He is eminently completing his PhD studies in Physical Metallurgy at the National Technical University of Athens. His academic and research background focus on the development of advanced and novel metallic materials. as well as, the investigation of their microstructural characteristics in correlation with their mechanical properties. He has expertise in thermomechanical treatments of metallic materials, as well as, in mechanical testing and microstructural characterization via transmission and scanning electron microscopy.

Dr. Charoula Kousiatza
Additive Manufacturing Specialist

Charoula is a Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineer with an MSc in Computational Mechanics, and a PhD in the area of Additive Manufacturing.

Her PhD research work focused on the implementation of sensor-based systems in AM processes for structures’ quality control during the fabrication procedure and performance optimization of the final 3D printed parts. During her MSc studies, she investigated the application of Topology Optimization methods in the field of AM for design optimization and fabrication of customized 3D printed orthopedic devices. Her research interests also encompass experimental methods, materials’ characterization, computational mechanics, reverse engineering, as well as implementation of advanced/smart materials in the AM technology for industrial applications.

Nikos Barbakos
AM & CAD Design Engineer

Nikos is a Design Engineer with extensive experience in Additive Manufacturing.

He is specialized in design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) and functional prototyping and has deep knowledge of Metal Additive manufacturing processes.
His current research interests include developing optimization techniques for applications in Metal Additive Manufacturing and more specifically in Directed Energy Deposition (DED)   and Laser Powder Bed Fusion LPBF processes.

Antonia Tsoura
Business Administrator

Antonia has extensive experience in Economics and Business (Athens University, Business Administration).


Due to her collaboration with domestic and international partners she is highly experienced in personnel and product management.  The last few years she has been expertized on problem solving and crisis management throughout a demanding work environment.